2017_7rinaDoing everything with an attitude of love and enthusiasm will paint the picture in a totally different way.

– Rina Koh, Project Administrator

2017_5saadWe live in a technology driven world. Technology that depends on us Geeks to build and keep it going. Geeks that depend almost entirely on caffeine. Therefore we depend on caffeine. — #sillyGism. As silly as that syllogism is, it speaks to the truth about who we are. Where we go from here, now that’s interesting enough to talk about. Over coffee. Caffeinated.

– Saad Chinoy, Chief Geek

2017_1wenOur core emotional need is to feel secure—to be valued—and challenges to our self-worth do just the opposite. They make us feel devalued and insecure.” —Be Excellent at Anything by Tony Schwartz

When I was growing up, I was often being compared to others. It could be my academic performance (not stellar), my appearance (skinny and dark like a monkey), my diet (eating too little and too slowly) and even my personality was a concern (apparently I was not very lovable since I am an introvert). It appeared that I was always not good enough. I wished people would see the beauty in me and treasure me for who I am.

When I was old enough to enter into the working world, I recall countless occasions of how unpleasant it was when the people in charge communicated in ways where their subordinates were neither respected nor appreciated. The environment was crushing the people’s spirits. So I told myself that in whatever ways I can, as long as I have an area of influence, I want to make the people around me feel valued. When others around me feel that they matter, feel that they are important no matter what kind of role they play, they will thrive very well and they would then go on to be a positive influence to others. Hopefully this would have a much deeper impact on circles of people that is outside of my immediate influence, and make this world a much better place to live in!

– Wendy Wong, Creative Director

2017_3cinTo give and not expect anything in return.

– Cindy Tan, Senior Designer

2017_2jeffBecause when shit hits the fan, your ability to understand and adapt to that incoming shit will be the only thing that matter.

– Jeffrey Monte, Software Developer

2017_4adThe word is like, my self-calming mantra. I’ve burned so many bridges in the past because I just couldn’t deal / be patient with people. So every time I feel like strangling somebody now I tell myself to just inhale, exhale, and “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.

– Adeline Kuswanto, Junior Designer

2017_6lilyLove is what makes me who I am, and gives purpose to everything I do. It is the energy that guides my decisions, the underlying force that propels my life along its path. At every fork of the road, I’ve tried to follow my heart and choose love above all, and I have no regrets whatsoever. To love the people in my life, to fall deeper in love with what I do everyday, to be loving in thought and action towards the world, to find ways to love myself – this is my life’s mission.

– Lily Khin, Content Creator