In 2011, author Don Bosco’s two sons posed him with a challenge – could he write a fantasy story set in Singapore and Malaysia for children? The Time Talisman series were Don’s creative response, and Super Cool Books was born. Since then, we’ve witnessed Super Cool Books grow, expand and evolve. What has remained an unwavering constant is Don’s commitment to creating and sharing stories that often have strong Asian themes, and his willingness to share the insight and knowledge with budding writers.

In the spirit of evolution and growth, we’re happy to announce that the Super Cool Books iPad app we’ve been working on has been updated to reflect Don’s widening readership. The app itself is free to download, and acts as an ebook store featuring classic and latest titles from Don Bosco. Few titles are completely free, and others are available as in-app purchases waiting to be added to your library.


The updated features make the Super Cool Books app appealing not only to younger kids, but also teens, parents and budding writers! We love the new book covers as well. Titles are now helpfully segregated into ‘Kids’ and ‘Teens’ sections. Exclusive content from Don’s creative journals are also tucked in there under ‘Specials’, where budding writers will find tips, inspiration and behind-the-scenes awesomeness.

In addition, there are the features that make the reading experience a joy. Large font size and generous white space boost legibility. You can use the Bookmark feature if your reading experience needs to be interrupted. And – you can personalise the app with your own photos!

It was truly a joy to create this app and enable a storyteller to reach his global audience in interesting ways. In terms of UI/UX, we catered to the fantasy element that runs through Don’s stories, and mirrored the new hexagonal SCB logo throughout to keep the brand association strong. The customisable selfie panel was our ‘fun’ element, since we know how much young people love taking photos!  


Download the Super Cool Books iPad app.