Stories go digital.

Tusitala is a digital studio with a passion for stories.

Because we believe stories are a meaningful way to connect peoplestories are a meaningful way to connect people, they are central to everything we do – from publishing ebooks to developing apps and creating websites.

We use our expertise in technology, UI, UX and design to transform content into meaningful, digital stories that travel #everywhere and connect you to people you want to reach out to.

Our Values.

We publish ebooks

Worldwide, there are an increasing number of people who choose to read digitally. We help you get your work on all the major ebook stores so you can expand your market. We can also design your ebook cover so it gets all the right kind of attention!

We develop apps

Would interactivity add value to your story? If so, we can develop an app with inviting features and that digital ‘extra-something’ to engage the people who matter to you.

We create websites

It is more important than ever to leave a digital footprint today. We employ our passion for design, UI and UX to create quality websites that transport your message across mobile platforms.

With a transmedia mindset, you don’t have to choose between print and digital.


Today’s content creator is a listener. You find your audience, listen to them, figure out how and where they might interact with your story, and deliver it to them in their preferred ways. Let us handle the delivery while you do what you’re best at.

All the fun happens at the nexus of technology, design and stories.


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Local stories, global reach. Ebooks are a great way to get your stories published and distributed across the world.

Check out our ebook publishing packages to kickstart your digital publishing journey!

eBook Packages


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Revenue Model *Revenue sharing *Revenue sharing *Revenue sharing
File Required ^Up to 200-page PDF ^Up to 200-page PDF ^Up to 300-page PDF
Distribution Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Bookmate, Google Play Books Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Bookmate, Google Play Books Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Bookmate, Google Play Books
eBook Cover
1 Cover Design Provided 2 Cover Designs proposed, Choose 1
Choice of 1 website from a library of Standard Templates Choice of 1 website from a library of Premium Templates
Showcase Featured in Tusitala website Featured in Tusitala website Featured in Tusitala website
Marketing via Tusitala Blog
Marketing via Twitter
Marketing via Facebook/Instagram
* Royalties go to ebook stores, and the balance revenue is shared between you and us 30%, 70%. ^ PDF file to be in the printed book’s size and/or no larger than A4 size.

Technology has changed the conversation between the story and the audience


We’re happiest when we’re working on projects that allow us to be creative and experimental. And, we think, our best work is yet to be done.

Curious about what we’ve worked on?

Technology has changed the conversation between the story and the audience


Tusitala x The Red Pencil: Art Therapy 101

Tusitala x The Red Pencil: Art Therapy 101

We love working on projects that immerse us in new experiences! The Red Pencil is a non-profit organisation that uses art therapy to help children, adults and families to connect with their emotions and channel them to foster healing. An upcoming collaboration with The Red Pencil is giving us the perfect reason to delve into the…

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Teacher’s Day Promotion

Teacher’s Day Promotion

Teachers, we know you put in countless hours of work, energy and heart into your job. As a little thank you, two of our ebooks ‘The Happy Student’ by Daniel Wong and ‘Raw Diamonds’ by Maggie Lai are priced at 50% off for the month of September! Don’t forget to leave your reviews Download ‘The…

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The future of storytelling is here. Ride the wave with us.


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Our values are the daily beat to which we jive.

Our Story
Tusitala was born in 2010, with a focus on telling transmedia stories. We’re based in Singapore, perfectly poised to represent the breadth and depth of Asian content available in the region. With the world increasingly looking towards Asian stories, we’re both excited and proud to be where we are!

The name Tusitala harks to an island in Samoa, where author Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last years of his life. The locals of the island fondly nicknamed him Tusitala, which means storyteller. In our work, we embody the essence of a storyteller: using different mediums and techniques to deliver a powerful message to our audiences. Only, we take it a step further by introducing the exciting potential of technology.

Our logo is a kitsune – nine-tailed fox, native to Asian folklore and legend. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean folktales, the kitsune is an enchanted animal – magnetic, intelligent, powerful, and able to take human form. From the complexity of the symbolism, we derive simple principles that we stand for – potency, wisdom and creative rebellion.

(This creativity, we must disclose, often vanishes when determining where we should go for lunch each day)